Meet the Lightworker
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Well, Hello!

I’m Lauren

I started my digital marketing company before I graduated college, with a baby on my hip. After 9 years of working with clients all over the world, I realized I was missing something.

Something that continued to spark my interest.
Something that filled my cup up.
Something that made me want to do more, be more.

As I began seeking answers to some of life’s biggest mysteries, I found myself getting immersed in modalities and practices that felt aligned with my soul.  Throughout my own  journey of healing, self-awareness, and doing the inner-work, I realized that I want to aid others through their journey. I decided to close my marketing agency and lean-in to where the Universe was guiding me…here. 

I am an author, spiritual mentor, intuitive, creative, and above all – a mom to two daughters.


What Drives ME

My Mission

I believe we are each born with innate gifts and it is our duty to share them with the world. I know my purpose is to heal myself, so I can help others heal. My mission is to teach and enlighten while aiding others on their path of self-awareness, healing, and awakening. When we heal ourselves, we begin to heal the world around us.